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How My Practice Works

David Green

If you have ever had the feeling you were stuck in a rut, working hard but never getting anywhere? Are you tired of being where you are now but not knowing how to change? Have you watched others with the same or even less potential and qualifications than you making progress and moving ahead? If so you are a perfect candidate for coaching and the principles of C.A.A.R.
Commitment + Action + Accountability = Results

This program was designed to introduce you to a simple but super effective way of moving your life from where you are today to where you would like it to be in the near future. The way this program works is: you are to picture where you would like your life to be in one year. Of course, your goal has to be one you feel is obtainable. You are then going to break that goal down into four stages, with the first one being how much you think you will be able to accomplish in the first 90 days. On the date you choose to start, you will make a notation as to what you will get done in the first week. At this point, don’t worry about overloading yourself, as you go along you will be able to establish a rhythm to fit your comfort zone. You’re going to repeat that for the next 12 weeks, and at that time you should have arrived at the first mile marker of you journey. Each week we will have a one-hour telephone consultation to see why or why not your actions have, or have not produced our desired results. We will email during the week to make sure we are on tract. If we encounter small blockage, we have traveling with us a Hypnotherapist to help with a quick fix, or if it is a really deep-rooted problem, we also have a Psychotherapist, ensuring we will arrive at your destination.

About Me

David L. Green’s journey to becoming a personal coach began at an early age. Starting young as an entrepreneur, and through years of trial and error and working with coaches and consultants (long before coaching as we know it today came into being) he saw the advantage of having outside help from persons with a vested interest. So, evolved a new arena “personal coaching”

After studying under different coaches and becoming a member of the international Association of Coaches (102793) as well as becoming a member of Coachville, combined with extensive travel and witnessing the success and failures of those attempting goal setting without help, he founded his very rewarding career as a Life Coach. Early in his career he saw in order to give a more in-depth analyses of each individuals potential, a more formal education would be a great enhancement. So returning to school at age 70 to receive a degree in Psychology allowed him to stand head and shoulders over the average life coach. Also, he found that other Senior Citizens saw that they weren’t destined to a rocking chair and crossword puzzles. (not to say that’s bad, but having options makes all things better)