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Testimonials/Success Stories

Gloria Hendry

It is with great pleasure that I can put this picture on my website’s testimonials/success page, because that is exactly what it represents. In my practice I like to have check points along the journey to ensure that I am on course and progressing at the pace I should be.  Recognizing small successes, energizes and accelerates our pace, as little successes make big successes, and success feels sooo good, we want to hurry to the next one.

For me and my journey to be the best I can be, standing there with someone I have had a fan crush on since the beginning of her career, lets me know I am on course.

Thank You Gloria Hendry (Utube/Google)
Words for the day: keep moving forward.

Candida Rose Singer/Songwriter

Candida  Rose

“Well, what can I say?” David is truly committed to what he is doing. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for his coaching tenacity, spiritually connected guidance, and genuine concern for me and my reaching my goals, I am not sure I would have made it this far. His Motivation over the last 6 months has keep me going. His infectious enthusiasm and undying friendship wouldn’t allow me to succumb to any obstacles or doubts (real or imagined) that may have crept in along the way. I truly feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to meet him and have him on my team. It has been a long ride and it is not over yet, but I am confident that with David making sure that my C.A.A.R. is well maintained and up to speed, I will reach my destination safe, sound, and ready for the next phase of my journey. David, May God Bless and Keep You Always”


Special thanks to Ms. Teena Marie R.I.P. The world misses you

David Green and friend Candida  Rose

Anyone who is serious about being the best they can be should have a Coach. Whose yours?

Very talented International Singer, Actor, Model, Radio/Television Personality and now Career Development Consultant and longtime friend Shai Shahar. “David’s creative style of coaching (C.A.A.R.) is a chinch roadmap to success and has been an influence for my career here in Europe. So much so, I now want to offer consulting services to those wishing to enter the international arena. Keep up the good work my friend”



Cora Emens

Shai Shahar’s wife of many years Cora Emens, is a prominent internationally known radio and television personality sex coach, accredited with helping many achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle, She is currently in the process of expanding her practice here to America. “David, keep spreading the word, as all aspects of coaching are essential to being the best you can be. Long live coaching.”

In the studio with my friend Edwin Birdsong
In the studio

I have had the pleasure of knowing and watching these people grow and develop their careers from unknown to International recognition and fame During one of my visits to Hawaii I had the privilege of meeting Quantae Love, who at that time was there in support of his sons who were playing football for the University. He was also doing some modeling for local artists. Our friendship grew and we were both back In Los Angeles we stayed connected and discussed out next career move. He went back to Hawaii and as fate would have it met his partner Edo Natasho who was following his dream of becoming an film director. Together they formed an alliance and moved forward. The results……first time out winning many International Independent film awards.

Edo Natasho and Quantae Love

Staying with the film and acting genre I want to introduce my good friend who I met in Europe, she is an extremely talented Internationally known playwright, producer, whose company travels the world performing and entertaining.

Erga Netz

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