David L. Green



Dear David,
It’s been 18 months since I made that fateful decision to take you on as my “personal coach” and I just want to write and thank you (again) for having helped me to achieve more in my life/career goals in these 18 months than I managed to achieve on my own, uncoached, in the last 18 years. Before coaching, I was a small club and wedding singer, somewhere between a “has been and a never was.” Thanks to coaching and the principles of C.A.A.R., my career here in Europe is on the upswing. I am now appearing as the lead actor/vocalist in a multi-media theater production entitled “The Worlds of Milosh-Welcome to Grid City”, and will be touring Holland and the world throughout the rest of 2003 and 2004. There is now a demand for my talents in everything from commercials to radio and of course crooning.

Thanks again for getting me into the C.A.A.R.
Hope your clients and associates enjoy my music.

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Coaching!! Where has it been all my life? Great work David, keep it up. I’ll do all I can to see that people know about you and what you are doing. Enjoy the music.



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Your style of coaching really works David. I’m looking forward to recording my first CD


“Well, what can I say?” David is truly committed to what he is doing. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for his coaching tenacity, spiritually connected guidance, and genuine concern for me and my reaching my goals, I am not sure I would have made it this far. His motivation over the last 6 months has kept me going. His infectious enthusiasm and undying friendship wouldn’t allow me to succumb to any obstacles or doubts (real or imagined) that may have crept in along the way. I truly feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to meet him and have him on my team. It has been a long ride and it is not over yet, but I am confident that with David making sure that my C.A.A.R. is well maintained and up to speed, I will reach my destination safe, sound and ready for the next phase of my journey. David, May God Bless and Keep You Always.


Special thanks to Ms. Teena Marie and her manager, Ms Penny Johnson, for her appearance on this web site.

Her newest CD, Sapphire, is now in record stores. Along with featured guests Smokey Robinson and Ludacris, if you listen closely to Track 16, you will hear the beautiful voice and stylings of Teena being carried on by her daughter Alia Rose.


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… and the hits keep coming.

Thank you,



David your style of coaching will definitely help get me back to America to kickstart my career. Thanks for being there!

David and Rachel V