David L. Green


David L. Green

David L. Green’s journey to becoming a personal coach began at an early age. Starting young as an entrepreneur, and through years of trial and error and working with coaches and consultants (long before coaching as we know it today came into being) he saw the advantage of having outside help from persons with a vested interest. During his years as an entrepreneur, taking his share of knocks and bumps, he found it personally rewarding to help those coming behind him, who he saw falling prey to some of the same pitfalls, overcome these barriers. So evolved a new arena. Truly enjoying the satisfaction of helping others, life was good, and allowed him the opportunity to travel. In doing so, he found himself involved more in the entertainment industry. Here again he found the same foundation that applied to successful business ventures, could be used to enhance entertainment careers. The same common denominator seemed to show: “LACK OF SPECIFICITY” This factor alone has the ability to hobble any endeavor.

After studying under different coaches and becoming a member of the International Association of Coaches (102793) as well as becoming a member of Coachville, he has added as a specialized field, the music/entertainment industry.

Aligning himself with other professional entertainment consultants, tour managers, song writers, music teachers and psychotherapists (all who have at least twenty years professional experience in their field), they have pooled their skills to put together the most positive program possible to help you gain the success you desire.

This program works on the belief that…


Chuck Conway Jr.

To start the year 2005, we are proud to have joining our coaching staff Mr. Chuck Conway Jr. of Cleveland, Ohio. He has the impressive background of being a second generation forerunner in the broadcasting and entertainment industry. He brings with him years of contacts, experience, and all that is needed, in promoting new talent. He can help you make it happen.

To mention just a few of his many accomplishments; As far back as 1967 Mr. Conway was the MC for the Motown review shows in Cleveland, Ohio. For the many years to follow he has continuously worked in the industry as promoter, producer, and MC for numerous shows and events. As recent as January 2002 Mr. Conway received a Proclamation from the Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio for his outstanding contributions. Mr. Conway’s television dance and music video show “Telejam” was the longest running show of it’s kind in the history of Cleveland, Ohio, and was endorsed by the station for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We welcome you Mr. Chuck Conway, Jr.